The name here is first inspired by the speedy delivery of my m-audio axiom 25.  ”It’s here already!?”  The pace at which I could compose and manipulate the music was incredible.  I’ve always had a bit of trouble keeping up with my own ideas and having this new tool was redeeming.  This piece was quickly put together in two short sessions.

The other thought to this piece is a sort of extraterrestrial observation.  What if mankind was perceived corrupt on the surface of things, but when confronted with reality was the opposite?  I know it seemed far fetched but these kinds of ideas fed the unique sound.


Anonymous said: Any plans to release new music anytime soon?

For sure yes.  I’ve had a recent epiphany about my life priorities and music is at the top of the list.

Anonymous said: how can I get your gainz

lift during the intense portions of music to make allllll TYPES of gainz

For example:  I often use this track at 1:50 for my last sets It really gets me going for that final push

So today

I worked on my day off and it was stupid.  The end.