Anonymous asked: What's the deal with playing properly?

I’m assuming you mean playing properly in fighting games, which is not a question that is easily answered concisely for me.  Defining what is right (or proper) or wrong in my opinion is knowing how to maximizing what is efficient within the game limitations and with your own limitations as a player.  There are many strategic aspects to discuss in depth, but for the sake of being brief I’ll leave it at that.

The bigger issue is most players don’t have a definition of parameters to maximize — and it’s mostly not intentional but just innocent ignorance.

Anonymous asked: Any plans to release new music anytime soon?

For sure yes.  I’ve had a recent epiphany about my life priorities and music is at the top of the list.

Anonymous asked: how can I get your gainz

lift during the intense portions of music to make allllll TYPES of gainz

For example:  I often use this track at 1:50 for my last sets It really gets me going for that final push

So today

I worked on my day off and it was stupid.  The end.